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Rock and Roll legend Dave Grohl and has spent weeks in lockdown engaged in an epic virtual music battle with a 10-year-old girl.

Now, Nandi Bushell has upped the game, penning an original tune for the Foo Fighters’ frontman. Its title? “Rock and Grohl.”

The English phenom kicked off the drum battle back in August when she challenged Dave to match her performance of his hit song Everlong. Grohl then answered back with his rendition of a song by Them Crooked Vultures.

Nandi matched Grohl’s beats expertly, and he had to concede, “You got me.”

But, Dave warned Nandi, “Buckle up, ‘coz I have something special in mind…”

That special something was an original song written and performed just for her. In his homemade video for his new friend, Dave even had his young daughters, nicknamed The Grohlettes, doing backing vocals.

The ball’s been in Nandi’s court for a few weeks now—and she’s finally come back with her own rocking tune.

Turns out, not only can Nandi hit the skins as well as the former drummer for Nirvana, she’s pretty nifty at writing lyrics and melodies too.

In her music video, just like Dave, she is singing and also displaying talent as a multi-instrumentalist—playing the electric guitar, bass, and keyboard.

Her soaring lyrics proclaim: “Rock ‘n’ roll’s my love / rock ‘n’ roll’s my soul / rock ‘n’ roll will help me change the world.”

Nandi tells Dave, “I hope you love my song as much as I love your song for me! Whoever wins this round, it’s been an honor to battle you. The Rock Gods of old are happy!”

Grohl’s response? “I’m down, BUT I’M NOT OUT. Your epic song will definitely be hard to beat, but I think I know just what to do… “

We’ll be sure to update you when round three begins.