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Texans will hire G.M. after the season before hiring coach

The Texans fired General Manager and coach Bill O’Brien on Monday. They immediately named Romeo Crennel as interim head coach. Jack Easterby, the executive vice president of football operations, will

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To reach weight-loss targets, start with small goals

People have been formulating weight-loss plans for centuries. In 1087, William the Conqueror replaced food with alcohol and slimmed down enough to resume riding his horse. England’s William Banting published

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OPEC, in major shift, says oil demand to plateau in late 2030s

World oil demand will plateau in the late 2030s and could by then have begun to decline, OPEC said on Thursday, in a major shift for the producer group that

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Google announces new Chromecast with the new Google TV interface

After seven years on the market, Google is finally giving the Chromecast its most-requested feature: a remote control. Today, the company is announcing the launch of a new Chromecast that

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Mollusks and Algae Could Form the Sustainable Diet of the Future

At a time when food production is one of the biggest climate culprits, we need to seek out new food sources which can nourish us and, at the same time,

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